Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hello New and Current Readers!

Welcome to Susan Sparkles's
  You have come across another beauty blog!  My goal for this blog is to report back to the world all my accumulated knowledge regarding the world of personal beauty (wow look at this horrible first draft of a blog banner that I had...eek!).

I am now posting every Wednesday thanks to my acceptance into Her Campus Blogger Network! This is to ensure the highest quality of the information I am presenting. I am really passionate about giving FULL beauty reports (hey, is that why it's called "The Shine & Sparkle REPORT?!) This is so that you do not have to go to a lot of different places to get the low down.  The down side, is that the posts can be a bit long.  I strive to strike the perfect balance between comprehensive information, and wasting your time.  I also have "Quick Tip" posts for those of you who appreciate brevity.

I believe everyone is beautiful and hopefully this blog helps bring it out in you!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!  Feel free to comment and make blog post suggestions.  Please consider following me on Instagram, Twitter, and following me on Facebook! 

You will also find, that my guinea pig named Squiggles has become a fairly integral part of my blog.  Unfortunately, my hamster Atherton (RIP lil' guy) passed away before he could be too informative about beauty.

If you are looking to contact me for a media/event/sponsored post request, please contact me via any of my social media (TwitterInstagram, and Facebook) or via email:

Most of all, do not forget to...

Shine & Sparkle!

Here is a quick disclaimer.  My blog is in no means meant to take the place of professional advice.  Be it physical, psychological, or spiritual--I am no expert.  I am simply a young woman with a lot enthusiasm for the world of beauty.  Along the same lines, I am not endorsed by any companies for my product reviews.  If I ever get enough readers to get free stuff to review, you bet I'll let you know it is sponsored and give my COMPLETELY HONEST opinion (good or bad).  Also, any images/clip art I may use is probably owned by someone. I will gladly remove it if you contact me like a reasonable person.

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