Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How To Keep Natural Nails Healthy Under Acrylic Nails


I just wanted to shoot you a quick tip about keeping your natural nails healthy even when you have acrylic nails over them.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen this picture and all of my past pictures since I got addicted to getting my nails done at the salon again.  

I recently got asked this question:  "Acrylic nails look great and are great if it is hard for you to naturally grow out your nails, but is getting acrylic nails bad for your real nails?"

In a nutshell, the answer is: Yes, some of your natural nail gets filed away to keep the acrylic nail looking natural on your fingers and covering your natural nail so that it doesn't breathe or get moisture as well as is normal are not great for your natural nail. can minimize the damage by taking the following steps!

#1-Don't Use Them As Tools:
Acrylic nails are much stronger than your real nails.  It is very tempting to start using them to open soda cans, try to retighten bolts on furniture, and all kinds of other things that put way more stress on your natural nail than what they were built for.  This can result in severely damaging your real nails, or even ripping off your real nail all together! EEEEK!  Long story short, baby them, even if they feel super strong.

#2- Have Them Professionally Removed (by the same salon that did them):
It is tempting to not spend the money to remove acrylic nails at the salon when you are ready to be done with them.  I highly caution against this.  While there are many tutorials on YouTube, there is no replacement for a professional who will know the best method for the products that they used.  Also, I know I have damaged my nails horribly even when I do it the "right way" in tutorials.  It is worth it to go into the pros.

#3- Oil Your Cuticles & Under Your Nails:
While water still is the enemy with acrylic nails lifting (just like polish), you can safely and effectively keep your nails hydrated by applying oil to the cuticle/nail bed and under your nails as often as possible. The only place your real nails can access moisture is at the cuticle/nail bed and underside of your nails when the tops are covered in acrylic.  It is important to keep these as moisturized as possible.  I like to soak/cover them in oil after I get out of the shower.  My favorite is using the dropper than comes with my 100% pure argan oil to apply just the right amount.  But coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba and vitamin e oil work well too.  I massage the oil all over concentrating on the underside and cuticle areas.  I like to do this before bed so it can sit on my hands over night, or I let it sit for as long as possible before I have to wash my hands.  I like to follow up oiling with lotion for extra moisture.

I know, it seems a little high maintenance, but signed up with high maintenance with acrylic nails with the bi-weekly fills anyway *wink*  Hope this helped and...

As Always,

Shine & Sparkle!

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