Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Essentials For My Male Readers

Howdy S+SR Readers!

 May 1st! Time for another blog post!  This is a request from a reader! Go me.

It has come to my attention that there are men out there who want to shine and sparkle too.  So to that effect I shall be working in "S+SR Men" reports.   This report is aimed at the guys, but many of these tips are great for you ladies to show your man, or are gender neutral.

Beauty for men is a bit simpler than for women, and often men just do not want to spend the amount of time that women do getting ready.  Thus, we are boiling it down to get the most benefit for the least amount of time.

In absence of pictures of specific products, please enjoy this stock photo of men touching their faces.  I'm not sure who made it but it isn't me.  I'll gladly give someone credit for their image or take it down if whoever owns it throws a hissy fit.

Moisture Rich Soap:  Wash your body with a deep moisturizing product. Many men think using a pink poof to apply floral scented body wash is girly (I wonder why....) But never the less, that classic bar of Irish Spring is VERY drying on skin.  Dry skin is more prone to damage and does not feel or look nice.  Whether you choose to smell like a tall-deep voiced-black man on a horse, or use a Dove Deep Moisture bar soap, please make sure you are getting clean.  
  • Mini Tip: While we are on the subject of smelling good, please use deodorant.  Maybe you hate the chemically smell of deodorants--there are fragrance free ones.  Maybe you are an sustainability nut--they make eco-friendly ones.  Even if you are allergic to the aluminum they use for anti-antiperspirant--they make ones with out it.  No matter what--there is no excuse for smelling nasty.  Don't over do it though, tons of white paste in your pits is gross too.

Condition Your Hair:  I suggest a good 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.  Since guys do typically have shorter hair (that gets cut more frequently), they do not need the same level of conditioning that comes from having a separate conditioner from shampoo.  Also, it's a one step process.  Many men think that just because their hair is short it doesn't need to be conditioned.  Well here is some news--hair is hair.    Now I know some guys out there have super long hair.  In this case, please read my post on Healthy Hair because it applies to all long hair.

Condition Your Skin: Lotion/Lip Balm is for everyone!  Maybe you are not disciplined enough to put lotion on your body after every shower but at least as much as you can remember, I highly suggest it.  It will help your skill maintain its elasticity which means less wrinkles in the future.
  • Mini Tip: While we are talking about lotion/lip balm, always use one with SPF on any part of your skin that will touch the sun.  You will thank me when those 20-somethings are all over you when you are 50 because they think you are 30--this applies to you ladies too!
Nail Care:  While some men are into the mani/pedi scene, I can understand them not wanting to.  Thus, men really need to only do two things for their nails (1) Trim/Clean Under Them-because nasty long nails are not cute on anyone,  (2) Moisturize-because while "rough man hands/feet" sound good to other guys, I have never met a chick who liked a guy with ashy feet (feel free to use the lotion used for the rest of your skin or a specific product if you want).

Pick One Scent for The Day:  Only apply one strongly scented product.  Whether it is Old Spice deodorant, manly lumberjack smelling lotion, or your favorite cologne, just pick one to use per day. Have the rest of your product be lightly/non-scented.  This will prevent you from smelling like some strange chemical ball.
  • Mini Tip:  While on the subject of fragrances, don't over do it.  A small amount on your pressure points ( pulse points on neck or center of chest) is good.  And please stay away from spraying Axe all over your chest and stomach unless you are going for the "teenage boy/douche bag/smell you before I see you" look.

Note: All of this blog post are my personal views and opinions. Take my advice at your own risk...that being said, I think it's great advice!

Shine & Sparkle!

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