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Make-Up 101: Lip Products

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Recently, I was looking at my make up collection and realized just how many types of lip products I have.  I was able to make a fairly large pile of different colored tubes, pots, and wands.  I also realized that not that long ago, "lip product' meant a tube of chapstick that inevitably got lost, melted in the dyer, or was kinda unappealing because of the lint stuck to it.  I thought I would give you the 101on lip products to help you chose what is right for you (and what ever situation you are getting yourself into now *wink*).

The Basics:
Lip products go on your lips.  Tada! I'm helpful!  Typically, lip products have some or all of the following properties-
  • Moisturize- These products prevent/heal cracked or dry lips.
  • Sun Protection- Many products contain SPF.
  • Color-This can range from adding just a bit to enhance your natural lips to making your lips a totally different shade.
  • Shine and Sparkle- Some lip products have glitter.  The size and color of the glitter depends on the product.
  • Smell/Flavor-Some lip products are down right delicious to smell and taste.
In addition, there are many different ways of applying many of the same kinds of lip products.  Here are the most common ways lip products are packaged:
  • Classic Bullet-You twist the bottom and a bullet of product comes out and is directly applied to the lips. 
  • Pot-This is simply a little container of product.  Twist off the cap and you apply it with a finger or a lip brush.
  • Squeeze Tube- A plastic squeezy tube with a small hole which allows you to directly apply what you squeeze out 
  • Built-in Brush or Sponge- Typically, this is a squeezy tube or a twisting mechanism which releases product on to a built-in brush or sponge. 
  • Wand with Brush or Sponge- This is a magic wand from a fairy that changes your lip color with pixie dust.  Haha.  No.  This is a product where the cap has a wand attached to it.  You pull out the wand and use the brush or sponge on the end to put the product on your lips.
Now for the products themselves.  I have divided them up so you can chose a product based on amount of color you want on your lips.  Note that any of them can come with any combination of properties and any packaging listed above.  Below I speak to typical properties, but manufacturers are always coming up with new combinations and creative packaging.  Also, taste and smell are hard to pin to a specific type of product.  

Colorless Lip Products
  • Colorless Chap-Stick/Lip Balm-Typically waxier in texture, these usually offer good moisturizing properties and moisture without any color, shine, or sparkle.  Great for my men out there!
  • Clear Lip Gloss- No sparkle but is great for those who want some shine to their natural lip color.  It is also great to put on top of your favorite lipstick to make it really pop.  
Warning: Most lip gloss products do not have SPF and can even magnify the sun's rays on your lips.  Try and use an SPF chapstick or other product containing SPF before using lipgloss if you are going to be in the sun!
Natural Color Enhancing Lip Products
  • Stains-Typically watery in texture, stains act just like the sound--like stains.  They will add a subtle pop of color with no shine or sparkle.  Once they absorb, it is like you are wearing nothing at all on your lips.  Imagine if you sat around with cherry juice on your lips for a while.  Same thing.  
Fun Fact: Stains can double as a really natural blush as well!
  • Tinted Chap-Stick/Lip Balm- Much like Colorless Chap-Stick/Lip Balm but they add sheer amounts of color.  A few even have some sparkle.  The shine factor is still low.
  • Tinted Lip Gloss- Like clear lip gloss, but they add color.  They often add sparkles as well.  You can still see a bit of your natural color under the product.
Complete Color Change Lip Products
  • Classic Lipstick-Classic lipstick is quite waxy.  It has traditionally come in a bullet form.  It also gives you full color change to your lips.  Every variation in color, shine and sparkle can be found in a classic lipstick.  Some have SPF.  Some are moisturizing.  You just need to try different formulas until you like one.
  • Highly Pigmented Lip Balms/Butters-Much like a classic lipstick, but it contains more moisture and can be more comfortable to wear.  They are also more likely to have SPF.
  • Highly pigmented Lip Gloss-There are some lip glosses with heavy pigmentation that will completely change the color of your lips.  Be careful about using them since the more liquid texture is easier to smear.  They are also harder to find and I suggest talking to someone at your local makeup stores for one that meets your needs.
  • Extended Wear Lipsticks-These are amazing!  They typically come with a color part and a moisture part.  You apply the color, wait for it to dry, then apply the moisture part.  The color doesn't smear, smudge, or fade.  The only downside is that these can be drying to the lips (even with the moisture layer).  It can also be challenging to remove later.  That being said, this is the way to go for long special events where you don't want to always be touching up your lips!
Sideshow Lip Products
  • Lip Primers-These are typically lip balm texture.  They prime the lips to help prevent lipsticks from smudging or creasing.  Honestly, I have yet to find one I love.  If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!
  • Lip Liners-Best used with classic lipsticks, you line your lips (optional to fill the lips in) and the pencil helps prevent the lipstick from smudging or creasing.  You can use a nude/matching color pencil to not affect the lipstick color.  You can also use a different pencil color to create custom shades.
  • Cosmetic Glitter/Caviar-There are bold trends that have loose glitter or "Caviar" sized beads that you kiss after applying lipstick or gloss.  This creates a very bold sparkle or textured effect on the lips.  Kits are available for purchase.  If you are interested in a DIY on these bold looks (maybe for Halloween?)  let me know!
  • Temporary Lip Tattoos-Much like the temporary tattoos you got in your cracker jacks (or stole from your friends), these are applied to the lips for a wide range of fun effects.
So, as you can see, there are a bigillion lip products out there.  Enjoy experimenting with whatever lip products suit your fancy!

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