Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Get Heatless Beachy Waves Quick Tip

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Spring/Summer is here (at least in the Bay Area)! This means a lot of girls striving for soft beachy waves. It's that gorgeous "effortless" wave look that seems (to those without naturally wavy hair) to be anything but effortless.  I know my hair doesn't look like "beachy waves" after a day at the beach!  Without committing to a new surfing hobby, consider getting these waves without constant heat damaging.  Plus, it seems silly to bust out a curling iron in order for your hair to have messy/tousled waves.  Since my hair loves to be straight, the way I get hold and piecey beach waves without heat is as follows:

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How To Get Heatless Beach Waves: Start by taking your shower in the evening.  When your hair is barely damp/almost dry, put it up in 2 ballet buns (see someone else explain that because I'm lazy here) on the top of your head. Go to sleep.  In the morning you will have great waves.  To get the beachy texture, spray a bit of sea salt spray, then work the waves around your fingers.  If you are like me and have very stubbornly straight hair, you might want to add an extra spritz of hair spray after the sea salt spray has made your hair perfectly separated and the hair spray will help it hold.  Don't worry if the waves seem pretty extreme at first, they will relax throughout the day.

The sea salt spray I'm currently using is the Healthy Sexy Hair: Soy Renewal Beach Spray* which retails for about $20.  My current Hair Spray love is the Sebastian: Shaper Plus retailing about $17. Both leave your hair soft.  You can still run your fingers through it without getting ugly powdery white flakes, but still have pretty good hold.

Hope this quick tip lets you rock beach waves all spring and summer long.

Shine & Sparkle!

*I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.

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