Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Product Empties #1: Mini Reviews of my Beauty Trash

Hi Shine and Sparkle Readers!

If you have never heard of an Empty Product Review*, you apparently don't spend hours watching beauty gurus on YouTube like I do.  It's basically where people show you their trash.  Who doesn't love trash?  Well I've been addicted to seeing what people thought after they used an entire product, so I wanted to do a blog version!

I like this because it gives people a quick look into how many things I end up trying and not liking enough to really recommend them to you with a full post.  You also get to see what I keep going back to over and over because I love them so much.

Empties Reviews Include:
1) What I thought about the product;
2) If I would purchase that product again.

The reviews are pretty quick but for sake of this new series of posts on my blog, I'm going to limit each post to under 10-ish products.  Without further explanation, lets get started!

Empties reviewed from left to right.

Walgreens Radiant White Toothpaste
1) Thoughts: It it weird to review toothpaste? Anyway, bought this because it was on major sale for $1.99. It was toothpaste.  It was minty.  I didn't see any drastic whitening effects greater than my normal whitening toothpaste.
2) Repurchase:  Probably not.  The key with this purchase was price.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in "Wild" Scent 
1) Thoughts: We all know how much I love Batiste Dry Shampoo from my Dry Shampoo Post right?  As far as this scent goes, it is somewhat musky.  I think this is better if you are dry shampooing your hair in the evening.  I prefer the floral or cleaner scents for the day time.  Not that the scent lingers that much.
2)  Repurchase:  YES!  I have a stockpile of these because I buy them on sale and go through a can almost every month.

Neutrogena Naturals-Acne Cream Cleanser
1)  Thoughts: The ingredients list is pretty good for a reasonably priced drug store face cleaner.  The consistency is pretty thick.  It does make your face feel cool and tingly.  There is no lather to this product.  I think its main purpose is to apply some salicylic acid to your cleansing routine.  It took quite a few washes for my skin to adjust to using this product since the salicylic acid is quite strong and initially caused some redness and irritation in conjunction with my benzyl peroxide.
2) Repurchase: No, if your skin responds well to salicylic acid, I think you should give it a try.  For me, I didn't see a lot of acne improvement and it initially was irritating to my skin.

Josie Maran Cosmetics--100% Pure Argan Oil
1) Thoughts: I love adding a few drops of pure argan oil to my face moisturizer and hair serums.  A full dropper heals cracked heels and adds umph to body lotion.  However, this is pretty expensive ($16 for 0.5oz, $48 for 1.7oz).  It also contains some fragrance.
2) Repurchase: No.  Not because I don't love it, but I have found 100% pure organic argan oil without fragrance and cheaper at Marshall's and Amazon.  I'll let you know when I finish those, but so far, I think the cheaper ones are just as effective.

Shiseido--Ultra Black Wash (a Japanese Facial Cleanser)
1) Thoughts: Affordable on Amazon and a must for problem skin.  It has a deep cleaning tingle.  Activated charcoal draws out imputes. A tiny dime sized amount creates a rich luxurious lather but does not dry out my skin. I'm absolutely in love with it.
2) Repurchase: Already have!  I attribute a large part of how clear my skin is these days to this cleanser.  It is also very economic since you need to little of it.

Nourish Organic--Body Lotion (Coconut & Argan)
1) Thoughts: Got this as a sample size.  I hated it.  It somehow left my hands somewhat chalky feeling and drier than before a put it on.  Chalky.  Yes chalky. It's weird and actively unpleasant.  The smell was ok, but not amazing.
2) Repurchase: Egad! No!  I think this might be a Target Only brand, this is the only place you have to worry about spending your money on this swill. 

Victoria's Secret-Passion Struck Body Wash
1) Thoughts: Got a travel size as a gift from a good friend for my birthday.  It smells AMAZING.  "sultry blend of Fuji apple and vanilla orchid" is so good. Did I say so good?!  It does has sulfates but is still moisturizing and very nice.
2) Repurchase: Yes, I will definitely be getting more "Passion Struck" in the future (haha...sounds funny to say it that way). Ehem, the fragrance is a bit less sophisticated (but equally as potent) as my splurge body wash by Jo Malone.  So when I run out of Jo Malone, I might go back to this for my heavily fragrance body wash until I can stomach $50 for Jo Malone again.  

The Balm--En Root "Moisturize My Hair" Shampoo
1) Thoughts: As I talked about in my "Updated Asian Hair Care Routine" post, this is my go-to sulfate free shampoo.  Moisturizing, good lather, and smells like gummy bears. Win win win.
2) Repurchase: Of course!  Healthy + Gummy Bears.  How can you go wrong?

Healdsburg Bath & Body-Black Berry Sage Body Scrub
1) Thoughts: Whole post on how much I love Healdsburg Bath & Body. Especially this scrub.  Empty products=love.
2) Repurchase:  Yes.  I have one in reserve at all times these days.

SheaMoisture--Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque
1) Thoughts: Whole post on SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque too.  See, I do really go through the things I say I love!
2) Repurchase: Yes! Though if it's not on sale, I tend to get adventurous and will try something else.

Benefit-Total Moisture Facial Cream
1) Thoughts: Last but not least, I had a sample of this in Benefit's "Love Me B.Right" Gift Set I reviewed around Christmas time.  Simply said, not good for my sensitive skin. Despite the hefty full sized price of $42, this cream irritated my skin and while it was moisturizing and nice smelling, I had to use this tick cream on my hands and feet to avoid all kinds of unpleasantness. 
2) Repurchase: $24 for 1.7oz of product I will waste on my hands and feet? I think not.

And thus ends my first empites series post!  Let me know if you like it. I'll keep doing them because...well, I like them!  I feel like I get more out of using up my products this way.  Hopefully there will be some more make-up items coming in the next one.  But honestly, I go through make-up much slower than skin care or hair care.

Shine & Sparkle!

*I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.

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