Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Make-Up Geek Shadow Haul + Reviews

Hi Shine and Sparkle Report Readers!

There are quite a few more of you than in the past and I wanted to give a warm welcome to all of you!  I'm very excited that over 1,550 of you have liked S+SR on facebook!  In honor of all my new potential readers, I decided to do a full report post for you!

I'm also excited to share with you my latest eye shadow haul!  I actually purchased 17 eye shadows from Make Up Geek (MUG)*.  This line was started by a YouTuber and they are absolutely outstanding quality for the money.  Each full-sized pan of shadow is only $5.99USD.  I actually go the 9-shadow starter kit ($49.99USD), the 6-shadow Vegas Lights Palette ($37.99USD), and 2 additional shadows for the regular price.

I was super impressed with the shipping and packaging of the items.  A lot of love and thought clearly went into it.  I LOVE that the person packing my stuff bothered to hand write my name on the thank you card!  How adorable!  I love supporting small local-ish businesses.  That being said, they do ship internationally, so everyone can get some. Hurzah.

All of MUG shadows are cruelty-free and do not test our products on animals.  They are also Talc and Paraben-Free.  I also love how their website has tons of video tutorials done by the founder/creator of MUG, great swatches and lots of other resources.

I instagramed, facebooked, and tweeted this picture, so maybe this isn't a new picture to you.  If you follow me on these social media outlets, you will be first to see things like this!  You know you want to see this early right?  

While the Vegas Lights Palette comes with a case (and is easy to remove the pans of shadow since they are only lightly magnetized), the other shadows only come as pans of shadow.  They sit perfectly in my customizable Z-Palette*.  I have the extra-large one that holds up to 35 standard-sized, round pans.  I also labeled the other eye-shadows in my Z-Palette in the picture below because I know I would want to know that as well.   The shadows I didn't label, it's because I have no earthly clue what they are called/where I got them.  I know I pulled them out of bulky containers.  And don't worry, I'll be using the beautiful Vegas Lights container to customize my own travel palette for when I only want to bring 6 shadows.

As you can see,  I love Urban Decay shadows.  I use their Naked 1 Palette ($49.99-not shown) as well as the shadows from a Summer Palette and a few individual shadows (as seen in picture above) all the time.  I think they have bold and innovative colors with great pigmentation and blend-ability. That being said for a lot less shadow in the palettes, and full sized pans of shadow running you around $18-20USD a pan, Make Up Geek is obviously the more affordable option.

In addition, I truly think that the MUG shadows are just as high quality (if not higher in some cases) as Urban Decay.  All the MUG shadows are very unique, buttery soft, and gorgeous.  I really think it is going to take a lot to get me to buy other brands of eyeshadow now.  Not that I'm going to need it, I kind of went crazy with this haul (which totaled no more than the cost of 2 smaller quantity of shadow Urban Decay Palettes I might add).  I'm so great at justifying my purchases. 

Colors Included In The Starter Kit -The mattes and shimmers in this are all fantastic.  This really is a great starter kit.  I'm not sure if there is a look you can't do with this.  From bold smokey eyes to soft romantic purple/pink looks, I'm sure this set can get it done.  And the black "Currupt" color puts all black shadows I have to shame (This includes blacks from Urban Decay, Lorac, Too Faced, and numerous drug store shadows).
- Cocoa Bear –  Matte golden brown
- Mocha – Matte Warm medium brown
- Glamorous – Bronzy, shimmery gold
- Creme Brulee – Medium sand color with a soft matte finish
- Shimma Shimma – Shimmery highlight
- Drama Queen – Densely dark purple with a shimmery finish
- Prom Night – Pale purple with hints of grey and a shimmery finish.
- Unexpected – Light and subtle pink matte purple blend
- Corrupt – Intense matte black with small bit of sparkle

Colors Included in the Vegas Lights Palette -These super unique warm-tones are possibly my favorite out of all the shadows I got.  They add a bit of pizzazz to my starter kit.  I'm so in love with how rich and luxurious all 6 of these shadows are! Even the matte color is super creamy and soft. I suggest grabbing this ASAP since it is special edition other than "Bada Bing" and the colors might never be seen again.  
- Casino - Shimmery saturated metallic gold with orange undertones. 
- Sin City - Shimmery Golden Apricot/ Golden Medium Orange. 
- Roulette - A rosy, burnt shimmery sienna. 
- Mirage - Pale matte beige with yellow undertones and a silky finish. 
- Desert Sands - Matte, medium terra-cotta.
- Bada Bing - Deep brown with flecks of gold

Other Colors I Purchased -I chose these colors because I didn't have a good matte white and the blue was just so pretty and unique.  Both are very buttery and blend-able,
- Peacock - Matte deep teal blue
- White Lies- Matte pure white  

I hope you have enjoyed this review/haul and as always,

Shine & Sparkle!

*I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.

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