Friday, February 22, 2013

Creative Beauty Solutions Quick Tip

Hi S+SR Readers!

Here in February, I think people have posted a lot of Spring/Valentines Day related things.  We instead of buying into a consumer culture created holiday, I want to start a whole new S+SR category: "S+SR Tips!"  Today I'm going to be talking about some creative beauty solutions that would even impress Macgyver (linked for anyone who needs a reference point).  So rather than a lengthy chit chat, lets get straight into the tips!

Squiggles the Guinea Pig is quickly becoming a mascot of the S&SR Report!

1) Printer Paper as Blotting Paper:
Blotting paper is sometimes really expensive (not if you use the E.L.F one from this post!)  And let us all admit, we sometimes leave your blotting paper in another purse, or have run out, or it fell down the rabbit hole to who-knows-where.  So you are icky and shiny (not in a Sparkle and Shine way, but a greasy way).  I suggest grabbing any while printer paper (scrap paper, post-it, junk mail, does not really matter) and tearing off a blotting paper sized piece.  Gently press (dont rub or it will take off your make up) on your face (be sure to not get a paper cut or poke yourself in the eye!) and you will see the paper absorb the oil off your face.  I have found this works great in a pinch.  Macgyver better watch out, Ms. Sparkles is in the building!

2) Lipstick/Tinted Lip Products as Blush:
This is a tip you might have gotten from your grandmother, but it is much better than the one about straightening your hair with a clothes iron.  Simply said, draw a line of your lipstick, in a color a bit darker than you want on your cheeks, along your cheek bone.  Then blend it out with your fingers.  Way to make your products do double duty!

3) Cream Eye Shadow/Eyeliner as Eyeshadow Primer:
Using Cream Eye shadows or Eyeliner as a primer is a pretty common occurrence in YouTube tutorials, but I thought I would reiterate it here.  Take whatever color cream eyeshadow or eyeliner you want as a base and build your powder shadow over it.  The stickier textured base will help your eyeshadow look last all day.  I find this works just as well as an eyeshadow primer, though it tends to be a little heavier feeling on the eyes.  Note that a white base will make your powder shadows look the truest to how it looks in the package.  All other colored bases (even your normal skin tone will affect the way the shadow looks on your eyes.  Mini Tip:  Many eye creams have a similar texture and feel to eyeshadow primer.  If you use an eye cream, try using this as your primer instead.  I find my Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly works great as a primer too!

4) Hair Conditioner as Shaving Cream:
I am in progress of becoming a certified product junkie.  In this venture I have tried quite a few more products than the average person.  Some work, and some do not.  While it is possible to return some products if you do not like them, it takes a good amount of product to fully test shampoos and conditioners.  I don't think you can return a conditioner if you used 1/3 of it.  So what do I do with conditioners I have decided don't work for my hair?  I use them as shaving cream.  It works really well and leaves my legs very soft.  I'm not particularly prone to razor burns, but I actually find that my skin is much happier using conditioner over shaving cream.  I still like to use my target brand soy shaving creme (which is supposed to slow the regrowth of the hairs) but using up my conditioner this way puts the product to good use.  (Yey not being wasteful!)

5) Shampoo as Make-Up Brush Cleaner:
In the same way I don't like to waste my conditioner duds, I also don't like to waste my shampoo duds.  Can the shampoo clean my make up brushes and body?  Yep.  Can about 1/3 a cup in the bath or 1/4 a cup in a foot soak leave you feeling soft and clean? Yep.  The best use depends on how sudsy and moisturizing the shampoo is.

6) Hair Conditioners + Water as a De-tangler:
For my last tip, You can take your favorite conditioner or leave-in cream conditioner.  Use about 1 tbs in a spray bottle with 1.5 cups of water and use as a detangler or light weight spray leave in conditioner.  If you find it weighing your hair down, add more water or less conditioner =)

Do you feel sufficiently creative?  You should!.

 Shine & Sparkle!

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