Monday, March 25, 2013

The Tangle Teezer Review

Greetings Shine and Sparkle Report Readers!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a kidney bean?  NO!  It's TANGLE TEEZER!*  Yes, it is annoyingly spelled.  Yes it looks like some sort of vital organ.  But in reality it is the perfect brush. If you would like me to elaborate, please read on.  If you trust my word on it, you can pick yours up at (or amazon) for around $10-15.

Price:  Priceless.  Just kidding, it is about $10-$15 US dollars depending where you get it.

Why do I want it?
  • Cut detangling/brushing hair time drastically.  
  • Prevents hair breakage better than even a wide tooth comb (especially for difficult hair types).

How Does It work?  The two heights of flexible bristles gently detangle dry or wet (yes I said wet!) hair safely, easily and quickly.  I know I constantly talk about gently detangling hair with a wide tooth comb when wet.  How can this be?  I believe it is because of a combination of bristle flexibility and the fact that it is actually quite shallow a comb.  You can't really put too much hair in it; thus, you can't get too over zealous and start ripping at your hair.

Who is this good for?  Everyone!  Extra gentle and pain free hair brushing is awesome.  I have particularly easy hair to detangle (yey Asian-ness), but I think this product still makes hair bushing super quick, easy, and breakage free.  This product really shines for very fine/curly/easily tangled hair--sometimes wide toothcombs can be very time consuming on these hair types.  Also, I think this is also a MUST have for kids.  I remember hating hair brushing as a child.  If I had this, it would have been fast and pain free. 
  • Don't go thinking you can just start ripping through your hair with it.  You still have to start at the bottom of your hair and work up.  Due to the gentleness, you might need to work in small sections depending on the thickness of your hair.
  • The hollow grip for this product does create some noise that some people think sounds like ripping hair.  If you use the correct technique, I assure you that the sound it just the bristles snapping back into place and echoing in the hollow grip.  If it bugs the be-geezus out of you, you can detach the bush from the grip.  
  • This is a super lame styling brush.  If you want to blow out/straighten/curl/tease/sculpt your hair into the Eiffel Tower, this brush is gonna blow....bubbles.  It is really a detangling brush for when you get out of the shower, get up in the morning, or were standing around in a tornado (did I just have to look up tornado because all my brain could come up with was "twister thingie"? Yes. Yes I did).  

Now that you have clicked "add to cart" on Amazon and your kids are doing happy dances that they wont be tortured every time they get out of a bath, I wanted to give a quick shout out to my BFF who has super fine hair and helped me confidently say the things I did about this brush.  I also want to say thank you to the awesome 2 people who are following my blog and encourage more people to do so (if nothing else it makes me feel uber special).  Lastly, thank you to all my readers and/or spam bots that show up on my blog hit counters that make me feel like my beauty bloggin hobby is perhaps worth something. I love you all.

Sneak peak in the upcoming months:  Review of a self hair cutting tool that allows you to do perfect hair cuts (layers and all) at home in minutes!  I'm starting to sound like an "as seen on TV" ad....  but these are things that I think are truly great inventions!  I'm talking about the generic version of CreaClip.  The knock off CreaClip is much cheaper and I assume just as effective as the real thing.  Shine and Sparkle approval pending...

  Shine & Sparkle!

*I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.

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