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Beauty For Any Budget Quick Tip

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Whether you are trying to stay on a budget, naturally frugal, or diving into your vault full of gold coins (I didn't know how Scrooge McDuck did it without cracking open his cartoon head, but we will pretend it is possible for the sake of my metaphor), everyone enjoys saving a bit of money.  Maybe you are just jumping into the beauty world and are looking for a good place to start without investing too much money.  In this post I give you some of my tips to get great deals on quality beauty products you can read from your 3rd mansion in Beverly Hills or your cardboard box camped outside of a Starbucks with free wi-fi (do Starbucks actually have free wi-fi anymore?)

As usual, like my last image, I'll gladly give someone credit for their image or take it down if whoever owns it throws a hissy fit. 

Tips #1: Shop The Cheapest Drug Store Brands for Make-Up-
While most people know that the drug store is cheaper than Sephora or department stores, there are brands that are even more affordable than those that are readily recognizable to the average shopper.  My favorites of these very low priced brands include: Wet n' Wild*, E.L.F, and NYX.  I find that more often than not, these brands have better than average products on the most frequent basis.  That being said, each of these brands really shines in specific areas.  I have provided a guide to help you save money by increasing your chances that you do not waste your money based on my experiences:

Where Discount Brands Excel:
Wet n' Wild: Eye Shadow, Mascara, Nail Polish
E.L.F: Eye liner, Primers, Face Products (powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter etc), and brushes.
NYX: Lip Products (Gloss, Lipstick, Lip liner)
Physician's Formula**: Foundation
**While Physician's Formula isn't a super discounted brand, I feel that it is worth it to spend a bit extra on the base products that are going to soak into your skin the most.  I have also never gotten a good foundation from any of the very cheap brands.  Physician's formula has great quality products to choose from and is mid-range drug store pricing.

People also may see Jordana and NYC as equivalent brands in price.  However, I find them to be very hit or miss.  I think if you stick to the discount brand guidelines above, you stand the best chance of actually loving what you get.

Also shop with coupons or online to see/get the best deals.  There are many blogs about couponing or finding the best deals online, so I will let you look that up somewhere else.

Tips #2: Prioritize Make-Up Spending-
This is surprisingly hard for some people.  Much like wardrobe shopping, when you have limited resources, you want to get the essentials and then pieces that can be combined and reworked in different ways to achieve many different looks.  This way it appears to the world that you have way more than you do.  So using the low priced brands above, I have created a list of essential products you need.  I have also included mini-tips to created multiple looks with less products (seriously, they are very mini, get your reading glasses).

List of Essential Make-Up Products:
1. Face primer (1)
Mini-Tip: Use your face primer as an eye primer. It works.

2. Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer (1) and Matching Powder (1)
Mini-Tip: You can mix a bit of your powder into your foundation and use as concealer if you are really trying to scale back on makeup.

3. Blush (2) and Bronzer (1)
Mini-Tip: You want one light blush for day time, and one darker blush for night.  I suggest one be shimmer and one be matte.  Which is shimmer depends on your preference.  I suggest that your bronzer be matte to fit any occasion.  Also, skip the highlighter when you are on a budget.  That peachy/pearly eyeshadow color?  Same thing.

4. Eyeshadow Pallets (2-3).
Mini-Tip: You need a mix of neutral shades and bright shades.  You should have some matte and some shimmer shades to play with.  You can definitely meet these criteria with just two pallets, but you can splurge on a third (especially if you are using a light color as a highlight!) Different eyeshadow looks is the easiest way to make you look dramatically different while your base products stay the same.

5. Eyeliner (1) and Lip Liner (1)
Mini-Tip: If you stick with a soft black eyeliner and a lipliner similar to your lip color, you will be set no matter what.  You can just put some dark black eyeshadow over the liner to make it more bold and the softness will make it ok for day time.  The lipliner will serve it's purpose as a base without changing the color of your lip products.

6. Mascara (2)
Mini-Tip: One water-proof, one not water proof.  I would also suggest the water proof one to be more day time level of lash intensity (for being active during the day) and have the non-water proof one be more dramatic since it is unlikely you are going to need to be protected from water at night (unless you are more of an active person at night or cry a lot at night because you are a drama queen heehee).

7. Lipsticks (3) and Glosses (3)
Mini-Tip: You should aim for one nude, one "my lip color but better" (usually berry or pink), and one red of each.  By mixing and matching these lipsticks and glosses, your possibilities are endless.  You can wear the lipsticks and glosses in combination together, or each by themselves.

Tip #3: Shop Generic Beauty-
Shop generic for your moistuizers, cleaners, shampoos and conditioners.  Sally's Beauty Supply has generics of even high end beauty products! How cool is that!  Again, coupons, bargain/sales shelves, and buying online can help a lot with buying other beauty products, not just make-up.

....but use them as a resource.  People who blog, YouTube, review online, or generally provide details on good or bad products are great resources for you.  I know that I find the world of beauty to be a really fun hobby.  While others might allot resources else where this is one of the things I prioritize.  Thus, we are both winners!  I can help you focus your money where you want it though my trial and error.  My product reviews are very helpful for that. 

Tip #5: Embrace Your Natural Beauty-
While make-up can be a great confidence booster and a fun way to express yourself, I find that sometimes the best thing to wear is a smile.  Some days I don't wear make-up or I just wear some eyeliner. Nobody acts differently towards me as long as I am projecting my usual demeanor.  Just give it a try!  For example, you are doing hot yoga.  You could bust out the water proof mascara, or you could accept that everyone is concentrating on not passing out in the 105 degree heat.  In full on boat pose, I know I'm not noticing if you have Kim Kardashian lashes right now.  People will probably be more impressed with the fact you kick ass at tree pose.

Thanks for reading my tips for beauty on any budget!  Also, did you notice that I got approved to have ads on my blog?  No? Good.  I find ads pretty annoying but hopefully these aren't too annoying.  You might even have a hard time finding it.  I did try and customize them so you might actually be interested in them though! If you feel like clicking on them so I might someday be able to buy a new lipstick with the money, I'd be down.

Shine & Sparkle!

* I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.

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