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Benefit's Love Me B.Right Gift Set Review

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With the holidays approaching, beauty gift sets are abundant.  I thought I would make haste with this review, just in case you were considering buying it! I will let Squiggles introduce this product review of Benefit's "Love Me B.Right" Gift Set*:

I was so excited to try Benefit's skin care line because I have liked quite a few of their other products (let me know if you want to know about those in the comments).

As you can see, while $48 seems like a high price tag.  However, all these products together retail for over $90! Full size eye cream and "facial emulsion" aka face lotion alone are $60, so it's $12 cheaper plus you get 2 deluxe sized samples of the other two products.  Sounds like a good deal, but wait until you read the review.

In a Nutshell: I was disappointed and do not recommend anything other than the "POREfessional" primer if your skin is at all sensitive.

The Full Report:

The Products
The POREfessional Face Primer ($30 for the full size of 0.75fl oz, deluxe sample in gift set)--
Let's start with the good.  The POREfessional face primer was by far my favorite product.  It applies lightly with that super-smooth silicone feel.  It doesn't irritate my skin or break me out.  It has a slight tint to it and is not oily at all.  It truly filled in my pores and makes any liquid or powder foundation look flawless and long lasting.  While I wish this had been full sized, the deluxe sample will last quite a while.  When I run out of primer, this will become the only face primer in my collection.  I have (and have also tried) samples of Pixi-Pore Reducing Primer, Bare Minerals Face Primer, Hourglass Mineral Veil (suuuper pricey!), and Mirabella face primers.  All of these pale in comparison to POREfesisonal.
Ms. Sparkles says "Splurge for this one!"  There is no comparison and the 0.75fl oz goes a long way.  Only a tinnnny bit of primer is needed since it spreads so easily.

It's Potent! Eye cream ($30 for full size of 0.5 oz-full size in gift set)--
Let's start with what this isn't:  Anti-aging.  That being said, this eye cream is marketed mainly at people in their mid twenties to mid thirties who are trying to prevent aging in the future, so it is mainly to moisturize and reduce dark circles.  However, it has NO SPF, meaning it doesn't prevent damage from the sun which is the biggest contributor to the future aging of skin.

 Also, while it does smell great, fragrance can be irritating on the eyes for us sensitive skin folks.  All the products are "allergy tested" but not free of fragrance or harsh irritants.  Thus, when they say "use gently under the eye" they really mean waaay under the eye.  On the lid or at all close to my eye led to itchy and very unhappy eyes.  Boo.  I found this works best for me FAR away from my actual eye area and just treating super dry spots of my skin (weirdly, that is usually my eyebrows.)  I might end up using it for moisturizing really dry areas on my hands and feet to get through it.  Online someone suggested using it as a face primer, I might consider trying that.
Ms. Sparkles Says: Skip this one if you have even slightly sensitive skin and want to use as advertised.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion ($30 for full size of 1.7fl oz-full size in gift set)--
Also smells great but again, "allergy tested" apparently means that it irritates my sensitive skin.  The bottle is ADORABLE and has a pump (which is very hygienic).  However, the pump dispenses probably only 1/5th to 1/6th the product needed to cover your face.  Thus, to do your whole face is 5-6 pumps.  That being said, I'm going to go through it very slowly because I have to mix just 1-2 pumps with my normal Olay Sensitive Skin daily moisturizer (which I talk about in my "Dealing with Oily Skin" post) to use it at all on my face.  Perhaps I will be using it up as a neck and shoulder cream.  That skin is less sensitive and needs love and sunscreen too!
Ms. Sparkles Says: Skip this one if you have sensitive skin and want to use as advertised.

Total Moisture Facial Cream ($40 for full size of 1.7oz-deluxe size in gift set)--
Blah blah, smells good, irritates my skin. This is supposed to be an intensive total moisturizing cream that you use on very dry skin.  I tried it both at night and during the day (with the emulsion on top for SPF protection).  Both applications left my skin feeling irritated and uncomfortable.  Luckily this was a small jar because I don't quite know how I'm going to use this.  Other than maybe one really awesome foot moisturizing application.  Boo.

The Packaging:
Oh so cute and mostly high-end feeling.  Thick glass is great but the pump on the facial emulsion is a bit flimsy.  Also, the "cork" looking tops are not actually cork, but matte cork print on substantial and nice quality plastic.  The gift box stickers with product information easily remove and is the perfect size to hold a small box of tissues.  Great for decorating your vanity!

The Take Home:  
MAJOR skin irritation issues, but did not break me out.  Would NOT re-purchase anything but the primer.  I know that these great rave reviews on the internet but I have no idea how anyone with even mildly sensitive skin doesn't have bad reactions to it.

While I don't mind that Benefit's other products are not formulated to be particularly gentle to increase effectiveness, I think neglecting sensitivities in skin care is a pretty big oversight on their part.  If your skin care and foundation products are gentle, less gentle make up products typically go over much better.  I want to love these as much as other internet reviewers do, I just can't.

Shine & Sparkle!

*I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.

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