Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let's Talk Self Esteem and Beauty

Happy New Year Shine and Sparkle Readers,

This is going to be a pretty mushy post, but January is the start of a New Year and a good time to do some internal reflecting.  I know that many people right now are thinking "It's New Years Resolution time.  Need to drop x pounds."  More of you (I hope) are thinking about that in a "I want to get healthy and fitter and if x pounds go away as a result, hooray!"  But realistically, a lot of people are motivated to lose weight at the new year because they just don't feel that attractive.  Some of them might get down on themselves and think they are fat, ugly, and all sorts of other hurtful words.  Maybe the words were said by others.  Maybe they were said by perceptions based on what "beautiful" is said to be by society.  I think there are moments in everyone's lives when they feel down on themselves, but nobody should feel that way all the time.*

No matter what, I want all my readers to know that you are beautiful no matter what size you are or how you look.  As beauty bloggers, sometimes I think we have a tendency to forget to stress that while make-up and other beauty products may change your appearance, nothing will matter if you don't love yourself and feel beautiful on the inside.   So here are a few things that I want to remind my lovely readers:

1) Feel free to wear make-up and engage in the fun world of beauty, but don't let make-up or the beauty industry wear you.   Use it however YOU want, to empower yourself and be the best and most confident you.

2) It's not the years in your life, but the life in your years.  Remember, no matter what, live life to the fullest!

3) Don't say anything to yourself you wouldn't want others to say.  If someone came up to you and said "you look like a total lard ball today you lazy butt.  You should lay off the cookies fatso."  I (hope) you would be really angry at them.  So why do we say these things to ourselves?  If we can't say empowering things to ourselves, who will?  Tell yourself "I love me, just the way I am today." and other kind things to yourself.  You will be amazed how right you are!

4) Your life is your own movie.  Yes, you are writing the script of the movie.  How you chose to interpret the events is up to you.  There will be ups and downs, but you have the power to control how that effects the main character--you! 

5) True friends are the ones who know everything about you, and love you anyway.  Nobody is perfect.  True friends love not only when you are being you, imperfections included.  You don't need friends who put you down or don't make you happy.  The flip side is, that none of your friends are perfect either.  If you want to be a true friend, you have to love their imperfections too (unless they are serial killers, or generally bad people, then forget them *wink*).

6) The standard of beauty should be what makes YOU feel beautiful.  To stand behind all I've been preaching, here is a before and after make-up of Ms. Sparkles. See? These aren't even photoshopped.  Imagine what those crazy magazine/media people do?  This is why we have to take responsibility for what we consider beautiful.  I will always be transparent with my audience.  I still break out with acne at age 27, and probably will continue to for the foreseeable future.  I wake up with bed head hair and dark circles under my eyes.  I will get older.  I will get wrinkles.  I will get grey hair.  No matter what age we are, we all have things we perceive as flaws, the key is to not make the flaws the center of our lives.
I made this image myself, so if you want to use it for anything, please contact me if you are going to re-post it. I suppose it's copyright of me as of 2014.

I hope this little talk helps you guys go into 2014 in the most shiny and sparkly way possible!

Shine & Sparkle

* I am not a professional psychologist or clinician of any kind.  If you are facing depression, thoughts of suicide, or any other things that make you sad please consider talking to a professional.  They know what is up and can help way better than little me.

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