Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Introduction to Flat Irons

Hi Shine and Sparkle Readers,

Back to non-holiday posts and back to beauty blogging!  I wanted to throw out a quick tip on flat irons based on an inquiry from my wonderful Aunt!

I made this image, if you'd like to use it please ask ;)  Honestly, I don't know why you would want it, it's just a paint image of my mommy's guinea pig...
  1. Heat Protect: Before use of any hot tool, use a heat protector!  I love my TRESemme's "Heat Taming Spray"* for curls, affordability, and lazy-ish days.  But for straightening, a heat protecting lotion has a bit more weight and works better to aid in taming friz and holding the style ( I also think it protects a bit better).  My favorite all around hair conditioner and lotion for healthy hair is It's a 10 "Miracle Leave In".  If you have colored or damage hair, I suggest the It's a 10 "Miracle Leave In +Keratin".  Just spay 2-4 pumps (depending on your hair length) into your palm, rub hands together, then smooth into damp hair concentrating on the ends.  Blow dry or air dry, then you are good to straighten. Same works if your hair is dry already!
  2. Never straighten wet hair:  You will sizzle, burn, and basically boil your hair.  EEEK!
  3. Hot and fast:  I know that sounds scandalous, but really, you want a very hot iron, gliding through about a 1" section of your hair once.  Not a low setting over and over again.  This is actually much healthier for your hair.  Brush out your hair, then take a 1" section, run a comb through the section then straighten with a hot iron steadily down the strand.  Repeat.  Mini Tip: Start straightening the strand about 1" from your scalp to prevent burning yourself and maintain some volume.  
  4. Try not to do it too often:  Try and stretch out how long you can last between heat sessions (or save straightening for special occasions).  Dry Shampoo is great to absorb hair oils and make the style last (favorite dry shampoo post coming soon!)
  5. Use a good quality iron:  To adhere to tip #3, your typical Conair Iron from Target isn't going to cut it.  Yes they do get hotter now than they did in the past, but the plates that heat up are pretty low quality.  This means you might not get the press you want, have to go over it slower/multiple times, or worse, snag and break your hair.  Not to mention that low quality irons break....quick.  So all this means investing in an iron but how much do you need to spend to get good quality and value?  
  6. Buying Tips: For best control, go for a 1" width iron.  As for price, you are probably looking at $50+.  I know it seems like a lot, but it is worth the investment.  Trust me!! Having gone through more than $50 of cheap ones, I know from experience that investing a bit more has been great!  I haven't gotten a new one in over 8 years since I got mine.  Options like different material plates (I prefer ceramic) and adjustable heat settings (best if your hair isn't crazy curly and you might need a bit less heat) are all personal preference. Below are brands that I trust to give you a great product no matter which iron you pick.  I wouldn't sweat about the details as long as you are using these brands. 
    •  Most Affordable
      • Chi
      • HotTools
    •  Moderate:
      • NuMe
      • HerStyler
    • Luxury:
      • GHD
P.S.  If you want to go all researcher on which iron to buy, Flat Iron Experts is my favorite resource.

Shine & Sparkle!

*I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.

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