Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Healdsburg Bath and Body Review

Happy February Shine and Sparkle Readers!

So February has Valentines Day.  What better way to express love than with some bath/shower products I have been absolutely in LOVE with!  Pamper yourself or someone you love with these awesome finds.  So, for Christmas I received a wonderful assortment of goodies from Healdsburg Bath and Body* (abbreviated by Ms. Sparkles as "HB&B"--oh how I love acronyms).  If you don't know where Healdsburg is, it's quite close to Napa, California.  They are a small local business close to where a wonderful Aunt of mine resides.

I made this image, if you'd like to use it please ask ;)  Honestly, I don't know why you would want it, it's just a paint image of some products and Squiggles...

What I love about HB&B are the following:
  1. You can recognize all the ingredients. This is also great because you are really getting a pure product without a bunch of fillers.  
  2. They work amazingly.  Because of the wonderful ingredients, these products work really wonderfully to take care of and pamper yourself.  They feel absolutely luxurious.
  3. Product Fragrance.  The fragrances of the products are unique and sumptuous.   The owner Yen Chesley, really has impeccable taste when it comes to picking scents that really last.  You will exit your shower into a room filled with the wonderful fragrance and it will linger for a bit on your skin (perfect for smelling as you are going to bed after a relaxing bath or shower).
Now for the products that have made me want to take a trip to wine country and stockpile HB&B products:

  • Blackberry Sage Sugar Scrub:  Divine.  Consists of a blend of high quality skin moisturizing oils and sugar.  Pure, natural, simple, and smells absolutely heavenly.  I wish they invented smelling over the internet for this one.  There is really no good way to express how much I love the smell of this.  It fills your bathroom, clings to your skin, surrounding you with a warm spa blackberry smell.  Smells sweet, clean, slightly herbal, luxurious, and not like candy. I'm in love. There are a few Ms. Sparkles tips about using this product.  
    • Wash with your favorite soap first. Because this is so moisturizing, you will probably want to wash with your favorite soap first to get that "clean" feeling.  Then go in with this awesome product.
    • Small amount goes a long way to exfoliate and moisturize your body simultaneously.
    • No need to lotion afterwards, towel off after rinsing to remove the last traces of excess oil and your skin will be baby soft.
    • Be careful not to slip in the shower.  Heavy on the moisture and oil means slippery tub!  Don't crack your head open please! 
  • Cranberry Olive Oil Lotion:  I think this might have been a fall scent but it is wonderful.  Again, this smells amazing.  It is the perfect size to fit on my tiny apartment vanity next to the handsoap for moisturizing my hands after washing them.  It is also a good size for traveling.  I find when I travel, the one thing I need more than a 2oz size of is body lotion.  Water in other places is often very harsh compared to what I'm used to and really dries out my skin.  This was a luxurious treat for getting out of the shower when I was braving a Washington DC winter. 
  • Lavender Candle:  I burn through Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles like potato chips (actually, more like Cheetos if I have to pick a guilty pleasure snack chip).  That being said, I some how just can't get past how pretty this candle is to burn it.  I know I should...but...it's sooo pretty!  It doesn't help that it perfectly adds some extra girly flair to my purple, silver, and black  apartment decorating scheme.  It sits on my bedside table giving off a gentile lavender scent when I go to bed...if you can smell it over the 3-wick bath and body works candle I'm plowing through at the moment.  That being said I love it.  And if I ever do get up the nerve to burn it, the elastic ribbon attached doubles as a hair tie!
I'm going to have to make a trip to Healdsburg soon to get more body scrub at the very least (or bribe my Aunt to get me more).  I'm pretty sure now that I have tried it, I can't live without it.  Not having to use lotion after showering is such a time saver! Mini tip:  Lush also has a body conditioner called Ro's Argan Body Conditioner.  It is similar in function to the HB&B scurb...but with rose smell, no exfoliating sugar, and more chemicals.  OK, very vaguely similar, but if you want to skip lotion in favor of nice smelling moisture in the shower, this is also great.  I alternate between the two in my shower depending on if I want exfoliation or not.  I'd love if HB&B had a similar body conditioner.  I'd buy it in an instant!

Lastly, I know that because HB&B is a small local business, they have a webpage and facebook but don't currently have an online store.  However, they say to "Call us at 707.696.0328 with any questions or orders!"  I would 100% recommend seeing if you can get a hold of some of their products! OR, take a trip to Healdsberg and drink great local wine and have really yummy food!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Shine and Sparkle Report.  Thanks so much for reading!

Shine & Sparkle!

*I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions. 

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