Monday, February 24, 2014

Ms. Sparkles Embraces Social Media!

Hi New and Loyal Shine and Sparkle Report Readers!

Have you noticed the new banner?  Have you notice the sleek new layout? Have you noticed Shine and Sparkle Report going live on tons of Social Media?  Have you noticed me spamming the world each time I get one of them set up?

The right-hand side of this blog contains ways for you to keep up with The Shine and Sparkle Report in tons of ways!  Please feel free to check out any (or all) of them!

Follow me on Instagram at @shineandsparklereport.  Shocking username right?!

"Like" the Shine and Sparkle Report Facebook page. *oooooohahhhhhh*

Or get updates via my Twitter tweets  @sparklereportWhy so limit letters in my user name twitter? Why?!  Also, did anyone else notice that "tweet" is a noun and a verb? 

I'm contemplating the YouTubes, (currently it only consists of some videos of my pet bunnies from college).  But while Ms. Sparkles is web and writing savvy, video editing and acting...not so much.  Please let me know if you would want to see me do some videos.  Then I'll think about it! Haha.  While you are at it, let me know what you might want to see a video about!

Squiggles has also bee feeling left out of posts, so I made sure he was representing in my social media post.  How could can you resist "following" "liking" and "tweeting" about this guy?

Thank you so everyone for encouraging and supporting me through this new phase of The Shine and Sparkle Report!

Shine & Sparkle!


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