Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to Dry Nail Polish Faster

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I wanted to give you a quick tip this week that isn't about the Shine & Sparkle Report Jewelry Store!

For this quick tip I wanted to give you my 3 top tips for making each layer of nail polish dry faster. O previously did a post on how to give yourself a a salon-perfect manicure and other nail posts.

#1: Dip Nails in Ice-Cold Water:

Get a bowl of ice-cold water (no ice in it please, it will bump your nail polish!).  Dip your fingertips in it for about 30 seconds-1 minute (don't leave it in too long, you don't want it to hurt!).  Let your nails air dry. By the time the water dries, so will that layer of nail polish!

#2: Fan/Hair Dryer:

If water doesn't sound like your style, you can use a fan or hair dryer to increase air flow around the nail polish to dry it faster.  Just make sure the air is cold not hot!  Hot air will cause bubbling and will actually slow down the drying process.

#3: Nail Drying Spray/Drops:

While this seems like a great option, it really isn't as "instant" as they say it is.  I would still try and use tip #1 or #2 in between coats then spray after your top coat to seal in your nail polish because it will make nails sticky.  Hold the can about 5 in. away and spray the entire nail for 3 seconds (Make sure you don't hold the can too close, it will make your fingers freeze).  You are still going to have to sit for 10-15 mins to fully dry.  I would still be careful trying to do things like get dressed or do a lot right after the top is dry because the polish can still slide since the layers below are not as dry.  Overall, I like the Demert Nail Enamel Dryer* because it is inexpensive and effective.  Nail drying oil drops are essentially the same as spray, however it leaves your nails oily afterwards and applying drops of oil on your nails is a lot messier than a spray.  I personally prefer the spray, but feel free to use drops.  I've used O.P.I Drip Dry and found it acceptable as well.

I hope this quick tip helped you out!  Thank you so much for reading!

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*I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.

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