Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chole + Isabel: Shine & Sparkle Glam Collection

Hi Sparklers!

Today I want to give you my first review to introduce you to one of the collections of jewelry I have curated for you Sparklers in the Shine & Sparkle Report Jewelry Store*!

I will be doing a series of posts about the collections of jewelry I've created, as well as from time-to-time introducing you to new collections or my favorite pieces.

As you can probably see from the title of this post, today, I'm going to be focusing on my favorite collection for obvious reasons-- Shine & Sparkle Glam!

This collection was inspired by my love of shiny and sparkly things (if this blog is any indication).  I was inspired by this blog to create this collection of jewelry that has lots of bling and a bit of a vintage-Hollywood feel.  I wanted these pieces to scream "Susan Sparkles".  I tried to put the things featured here at the top of the boutique, but you can easily use the "Search" boxes to see other color selections if you type in the name of a piece! Though I love all the pieces I picked for this collection, I'll highlight some of my personal favorites below:

If you are looking for a timeless and elegant piece of bling, this is one of my favorites.  I love it in this peach, champagne, and coral color combination with the antique plating--but it also comes in other great color combinations like Plum, Topaz, and Lavender as well as Teal .   These pieces have a wonderful high quality weight to them an exceptional detailing.  I love that this necklace has a little c+i bird at the end of the chain.  The bird even has a crystal for an eye.  Talk about detail!
  • antique rhodium-plated
  • nickel-free plating
  • 18" approx. length + 2" extender
  • lobster clasp
  • peach + champagne glass, coral resin

If you are looking for something more mid-range in price but still awesomely glam, this is on of my go-to pieces. It also feels luxurious to wear and can fit any personality.  I like that this can easily add a bit of sparkle to a day-time look and fit seamlessly into a full evening outfit--it's also fun to stack with other bracelets!  While I'm into the classic all silver look, this bracelet is also available plated in antique brass  or with blush glass crystals. Of course you can get matching earrings ($28) and matching necklace ($58) if you are into having a complete set of things.  These are easily found in the Shine & Sparkle Glam Collection in my store.
  • shiny rhodium-plated
  • nickel-free plating
  • 6.75" - 7.75" approx. length
  • toggle closure
  • clear glass

If you have less than $25 USD to spend on high-quality and Shine & Sparkle Report approved jewelry pieces, never fear! There are tons of earrings and rings that meet your needs.  However, I think one of the coolest items below $25 in the Shine & Sparkle Glam collection are these Celestial Frost Hair Pins.  These are perfect for going out this winter to see the Nutcracker.  You can also use them to spice up your usual hair styles with virtually no effort.  Pin back your bangs with these and your pony-tail is immediately super sparkle-tastic.  I love the art deco feel to these, it just screams glam!
  • antique rhodium-plated
  • nickel-free plating
  • 2" hair pins
  • light peach, crytsal AB + clear crystal

 I hope you enjoyed a bit more reporting on my Shine & Sparkle Glam Jewelry Collection!  Hopefully, you will like this series and think about adding some of these great pieces of sparkle to your own collections.  And don't worry, there will be plenty of your regularly scheduled blogging will be happening.  

As Always,
Shine & Sparkle

*The pictures from this blog post are from the Chloe + Isabel website.  I am compensated a percentage for each piece of jewelry sold.  However, I truly believe in these products and would never suggest you get something that I'm not 100% satisfied with myself--read more about my involvement with c+i here.

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