Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Luxury Shower Product Make-Over!

Fancy Seeing You Again Shine and Sparkles Report Readers!

Today I have a special make-over edition post!  Maybe this will help you if you decide to do a luxury make-over of your own shower products.

This make over is of a  wonderful friend of mine--Robert.  He is smart, funny, extremely tall, and loves luxury products.  We bonded over a love of Louis Vuitton and I envy his apartment's expert interior decorating. During his Kickstarter launch party, I happened to wander into his restroom.  Not that I was being that nosy, but I politely commented that I could totally make his bathroom products and experience match his plethora of Louis Vuitton blankets and Versace pillows.  We got talking about collaborating his photography with my beauty prowess to make over his shower.  Here on the Shine and Sparkle report, I know we are used to adorable paint-drawings and guinea pigs, but this episode has some real visual class. OooohAhhhh.

 So as with any make-over story, here is the before picture:

As you can see, this is a classic "guys" shower.  Irish Spring, Head and Shoulders, and Axe.  Now, to be clear, there is nothing horrible about these products (other than some of the chemical ingredients and the flash back to teenage boy smells).  But for my posh friend RP, I envisioned so much more.  Plus, lets not get into the unwieldy loofa. I'm not even sure how one is to use such a large dried gourd.  Yes, this is a large dried gord, similar to a okra on steroids.  Again, nothing terrible about it, just...not consistent with the RP I know.  He would argue I left his restroom with a look of horror.  I'd just say I left with a mission. 

So on a lovely Monday after work, RP and I journeyed around the city of San Francisco.  Hitting Peninsula Beauty, Nordstrom, and The Body Shop.  In keeping with the make-over format, here are RP's amazing after pictures:

This picture is copyright of "RP".  Please contact me if you would like to use it.  Why? Because it's polite.

Paul Mitchell--Lavender Sage
Paul Mitchell--Tea Tree Special
Macadamia Natural Oil--Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo
Joico--Smooth Cure (Sulfate-Free)
(Now RP has great shampoos to combat any type of hair day!)

Jo Malone--English Pear
Jo Malone--Pomegranate Noir
Jo Malone-- Lime Basil & Mandarin
The Body Shop-Plastic Body Poof
(Jo Malone's fragrances are luxury product at it's finest.  Some of the highest quality scents available.  Picking these was so much fun.  I might have even grabbed one for myself.  If you see my tweets, I posted a picture of the box.  I will be doing a detailed review of my Jo Malone Body Wash soon!  If you read it, you will see what scent I got as well.  Also, RP's loofa from The Body Shop  is so much better than an okra.  The plastic rinses clean and doesn't breed bacteria! Huzah.)

Not Pictured:
Jo Malone Candle
GlamGlow--"Youthmud" Anti-Aging Mud Mask
The Body Shop--Tea-Tree Facial Cleanser
The Body Shop--Lip Butter
(Even though I have written a Post About The Body Shop Ionic Clay Mask as an affordable dupe for the GlamGlow, nothing says "luxury like GlamGlow!  Also, Body Shop lip butters are heavenly...mmmm.)

I'm quite proud to say, after the shopping trip, RP said that he had the most amazing shower once he upgraded.  I'm so glad he likes them!

 As always,

Shine & Sparkle!

 *I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.  Also the pictures are copyright of Robert.  Please contact me if you would like to use it.  Why? Because it's polite.


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