Friday, June 13, 2014

Follow Me On Bloglovin'

Oh, hello again Shine and Sparkle Report Readers,

Today I wanted interrupt your regularly scheduled programing with this flash announcement.  I'm now officially part of Bloglovin'.  Aren't you ecstatic?! Ok, so maybe you are not jumping up and down with excitement, but at least you can be thankful.  Oh so thankful that I chose the discrete/simple "Follow Me On Bloglovin'" button on the right hand side of my blog over this .gif monstrosity below.  Dear lord, have you had a seizure yet?  Seriously, please don't have a seizure, scroll so you aren't looking at this thing anymore.  Do it now!

So, what is Bloglovin'?  It's a really great new tool I just learned about that is "the easiest way to follow your favorite blogs and discover new ones."  I realize that their by-line tells you nothing.  Pretty much it is a place to "follow" all your favorite blogs and see them in one easy to read feed. I realize that you might already have Google or another feed site doing this for you.  But I do really suggest this third party blog reading site. 

They have done a great job making blog reading simple and easy to use.  The web design is quite elegant if you ask me.  It also really opens the doors for the discovery of new blogs to read.  I highly recommend signing up for Bloglovin'--not just so you can follow me, but because it's a really great resource for blog lovers of any topic.

There is even an Bloglovin' iPhone App!

So I would be ever so grateful if you followed me on Bloglovin'.  I hope you are having a Sparkle-rific week.

As always,
Shine & Sparkle

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