Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Spring Fling" Cult Blackbox Review

Hola Shine and Sparkle Report Readers!

Thank you for tuning into another edition of the Shine and Sparkle Report! Today I have another subscription box review. So lets jump right in shall we?  FYI I know it is not "spring" at all.  However, these colors are still sold on the Cult Website.  Also, I wanted you to know what I thought about this box from the subscription service.

Cult Black Boxes* Generally Have:
-2 Full Size Cult Nail Polishes
-1 Full Size Beauty Product
-Some Extras
All this for $9.99 (with intro deals you can get it for less than $9.99).  I don't think you will ever see it for the retail value of $40, so just think of it at $9.99

My "Spring Fling" Cult Black Box:

- Belmont Shore by CULT (0.5 oz, $12 value)
- Hollywood Forever by CULT (0.5 oz, $12 value)
- Makeup Brush set by CULT (set of 7)
- Eye Crayon Crystal by BH Cosmetics

The Good:
The packaging was lovely and high quality.  I liked the thank you card, free sticker and the box itself.  All the items were packaged very safety for shipping as well.  Their customer service is also fantastic.  Big kudos to them, see why below.

The Bad:
The products just were not that great. 
  • Belmont Shore: This pink color was very watery and hard to work with.  You need 3 coats at least.  Stick with very thin layers because any semblance of thickness will equal polish running all over your cuticles...and everywhere.  Also, while the bottle shapes are cute in your nail polish display, the square top is bulky and makes application somewhat awkward.
  • Hollywood Forever:  I originally thought this had been opened previously.  It was impossibly thick and nonfunctional.  As you can see in the opened-polish picture, there was a hair on it and lots of crusty nail polish around the opening.  Ew.  And despite being pretty in the bottle, completely useless.
  • Make Up Brushes: Meh.  The eyeliner and the blush brush were not too bad. The eyebrow brush/eyelash comb duo was also ok, but unremarkable.  The rest, hit the trash can.  I got a little roll to keep travel size brushes in, which was cool I guess
  • Eye Crayon:  Hit the trash after one attempt.  The swatch in the picture above is after tons of pressure and back and forth on my hand.  It still isn't very pigmented.  I also tugged on my eyelid for no color pay-off when I tried it on my eyes.  Lastly, the water proof part is a joke. Smudge city.  No thank you.
Needless to say based on the product reviews above, I called customer service to cancel.  They were truly fantastic.  A real person picked up immediately.  Also, they didn't argue or anything about canceling my subscription so I was obligation free in a flash.  Then the representative asked why I was canceling.  I explained "the bad" briefly.  She offered to send me a new "Hollywood Forever" at no cost, without a subscription (aka keeping my account canceled.)  Not one to say no to free stuff, I said sure and that I might re-subscribe if I got better results from it.

Ms. Sparkles got the new "Hollywood Forever" which was the same useless and thick polish.  Ms. Sparkles never resubscribed to Cult Black Box.  Ms. Sparkles did not recommend Cult Black Box to her readers.

Ms. Sparkles says,

Shine & Sparkle! 

P.S. What am I supposed to do with 3 polishes that I don't like =( I guess they will continue to just look cute in my nail polish display...

*I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions. Also, like all my images, I'll gladly give someone credit for their image or take it down if someone throws a hissy fit.

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