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Best Long Wearing Eyeliner for Monolids/Hooded Eyes

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People with hooded/monolids (See post on "Tips to Deal with Eyeliner for Monolids and Hooded Eyelids" if you are baffled by these concepts)  typically need very durable eyeliner.  Stuff that will not turn you into a hot mess/raccoon under extreme circumstances.  After struggling with every type of liquid, gel, and pencil liner out there,  I wanted to share my winning combination for the world of eyeliner challenged people!

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Clio Waterproof Turnliner "TwistTurn"- $18.15 USD:
This is Clio Waterproof Turnliner "TwistTurn"  is a Korean product.  It is reasonably easy to obtain from online stores, ebay, or your Dad's trip to Korea. I already have a back-up somewhere in the mail on a 2-3 month journey by ship for when the one my dad got me runs out.

Why is it worth it for mono/hooded-lids?  It comes out in a pigmented but more runny liquid.  3 or so clicks gives you enough to cover a large area (such as the area under the hood).  It dries pretty fast but has plenty of time to work with the product.  It also has a long and precise brush that really lends itself to drawing a perfect eye of hooded eyes.  (even the models for the liner HAVE hooded monolids!)  I can seriously line my upper eyes in seconds with this thing.  And it lasts ALL day, even on oily lids!  Why? Because oil doesn't budge it.

Make up remover is the only thing that removes this stuff.  It doesn't smear at all when I put on my olive or coconut oil to remove all my waterproof mascara, M.A.C Liquid Last Liners, and eyeshadow.  Only when I use my make-up remover or face-cleansing towelettes does this liner easily swipe away.  

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M.A.C Liquid Last Liner*-$19.50 USD:
Yes, M.A.C Liquid Last Liner is pricey, but the amount you will waste looking for a product that works like this makes it worth every penny!  It is quite a thick formula and I find it applies best using an angled eyeliner brush over the one in the bottle (I just dab my brush on the product's brush then apply it).  That being said, a bit of practice and you can use this liner with its brush no problem.

While you can use this on both your upper and lower lashline, I tend to just use it on the bottom.  Mainly because it sticks SO well, that it's a pain to remove in the large quantity I have to use on my mono and hooded lids.  However, if you want a normal thin line at your lash, feel free to use this on top and bottom.  While make-up remover will do NOTHING to this eyeliner, a little olive or coconut oil on a cotton pad or ball with take it off in a jiffy.  If you don't use oil based make-up remover, your eyeliner will remain tattooed to your eyes indefinitely.  No joke, perfect liner one morning after wearing all day and being too lazy to take it off the night before.  I might or might not have worn the same eyeliner again until the next afternoon.  This is another reason a prefer to use it on my lower lash line, since my eyelids can sometimes get a bit oily.

In a nutshell,  if you have the three challenges I mention in my "Tips to Deal with Eyeliner for Monolids and Hooded Eyelids" post or any other issues with eyeliner, I guarantee that one (or a combination of both) of these products will solve your problems.

You can definitely get good liner results on the top and bottom with just one of these products.  But for me, the combination of Clio on top and M.A.C on the bottom is perfect!  I was so thrilled to find this combo.  It has made all of my eye-make up looks possible.  I'm so excited to share this information with you all!

* I am not paid or contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  These are my honest feelings and opinions.  Also, like all my images, I'll gladly give someone credit for their image or take it down if someone throws a hissy fit.

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