Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Excited to Chat about S&SR Business Cards!

Shine and Sparkle Readers,

I'm so excited to announce that I'm getting business cards for our little blog!  So excited I posted on my facebook, instagram, and twitter about it ages ago.  A good reason to follow me on social media right?  Anyway, I'm moving up in the world! How cool!  I thought I would share the new design with you all because it's just so exciting!  They are going to be a clsasy matte finish on premium stock paper.  Ooooh ahhh....  Are we excited?! We are excited!!!  Are we over using exclamation points?!  You bet!!!  Do I need a better adjectives than "excited"?!  Yes!!!

This totally counts as this Wednesday's post right? No, it doesn't, there will be another for you tomorrow.  So keep an eye out!

These are my business cards that I designed on Vista Print.  You could copy them, but why would you want to do that?  If you want to take this image, go right ahead!  More publicity for me, woohoo!

One last little update, I have been slaving away getting together posts to make sure I have a post every Wednesday.  It's hard work but worth it.  I'm really glad I have Squiggles to cheer me on.  I'm really enthusiastic (see what I did there?  Synonyms FTW) for all the nifty content coming soon!  It's so hard not to post it all at once!

Shine & Sparkle

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